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Kaunter IPO ECA Integrated Solution Berhad (ECA, 0267)

Kaunter IPO ECA Integrated Solution Berhad (ECA, 0267) ini menarik untuk dikaji kerana dibuka melebihi 300% kenaikkan pada hari pertama didagangkan pada 23 Nov 2022. Ada apa yang menarik dengan kaunter ini sampai boleh melonjak setinggi itu? Kami kongsikan news yang berkaitan dengan IPO ini dan juga research report yang dikeluarkan. Pasti akan juga sesuatu yang menarik. Dari semasa ke semasa kami akan kongsikan juga tentang kaunter-kaunter IPO yang lain. Jadi boleh bandingkan kenapa ada IPO yang meroket dan menjunam di hari pertama didagangkan. (Sekadar kajian dan pembelajaran)

News yang berkaitan dengan IPO ECA.

News bertajuk “ECA Integrated taps UOB Kay Hian Securities to underwrite ACE Market debut” di website The Edge bertarikh 29 September 2022. Pengumuman penawaran IPO ECA di ACE Market. Antara kandungan news adalah prospek syarikat:

“ECA Integrated is principally engaged in the provision of integrated production systems and stand-alone automated equipment. It also provides after-sales services for technical support services and spare parts.

More than half of its revenue for the financial year ended Oct 31, 2021 was derived from overseas markets, including Eastern and Western Europe, China, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, as well as the US.

ECA Integrated executive director cum chief executive officer Ooi Chin Siew said the group will allocate the bulk of its IPO proceeds to scale up its capabilities and capacities through investing in new high-speed machinery, as well as boost its working capital to support existing and future growth.”

“Large manufacturers globally are shifting towards smart factories for greater efficiency and productivity while reducing reliance on manual labour. In addition, there is the upsurge in outsourcing and relocation of manufacturing activities to Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

“Back home, our government has allocated funds to support small and medium enterprises in their technological transformation in line with Industry4WRD. The automated manufacturing solutions in Malaysia, according to an independent market research done by Providence Strategic Partners, are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.3% between 2022 and 2024,” he said.

Seterusnya News pada 4 Nov 2022 yang bertajuk “ACE Market-bound ECA Integrated expects to raise RM25.5mil from IPO

News link : https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2022/11/04/ace-market-bound-eca-integrated-expects-to-raise-rm255mil-from-ipo

Antara kandungan news adalah seperti di bawah. Kalau nak baca news penuh, boleh klik link di atas ya:

Automated manufacturing solutions provider ECA Integrated Solution Bhd, en route for a listing on Bursa Malaysia’s ACE Market on Nov 23, 2022, expects to raise RM25.5 million from its initial public offering (IPO).

Executive director cum chief executive officer Ooi Chin Siew said of the IPO proceeds, RM7.7 million (30.2 per cent) would be used for the acquisition of machinery to augment its technical capabilities and to cater for higher production output.

“These advanced machines enable greater customisability of its solutions to better suit customers’ needs and to handle a larger volume of complex fabrication works.

“Another RM14.0 million (54.9 per cent) is earmarked for working capital in preparation to take on more jobs, while the remaining RM3.8 million (14.9 per cent) is to be used for repayment of bank borrowings and listing expenses,” he briefed the media after launching the company’s prospectus here today.

Pada 4 Nov 2022, ada satu lagi news yang lebih kurang sama content dengan news di atas tetapi penerangan yang lebih panjang lebar. News bertajuk “ACE Market-bound ECA Integrated eyes RM25.5m IPO to fund machinery purchases, working capital

Antara kandungan news :

During the company’s prospectus launch ceremony on Friday (Nov 4), ECA Integrated executive director-cum-chief operating officer Chua Lye Hock said manufacturers worldwide are accelerating the shift towards automation to attain higher production output while simultaneously reducing reliance on manual manpower, which will greatly enhance productivity.

“As an established solution provider in manufacturing process automation, we stand to benefit from this paradigm shift,” he noted.

Chua continued that ECA Integrated, with its customised automation solutions’ proven track record, has built a clientele comprising foreign multinational corporations that are listed on, among others, the New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

“Post-listing, beyond expanding our capability and capacity, we are looking into offering smart factory solutions, for which we have already received enquiries from a key customer,” Chua added.

According to ECA Integrated’s prospectus, the company posted a profit after tax (PAT) of RM8.18 million for the financial year ended Oct 31, 2021 (FY2021), higher than FY2020’s RM5.57 million and FY2019’s RM1.37 million. Revenue also grew to RM20.51 million in FY2021, up from RM15.37 million in FY2020 and RM7.67 million in FY2019.

The company boasted a PAT margin of 39.9% in FY2021, higher than 36.2% in FY2020 and 17.8% in FY2019. ECA Integrated also noted that half of the company’s revenue for FY2021 was derived from overseas markets, including Eastern Europe, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, as well as the US.

Meanwhile, for the eight-month financial period ended June 30, 2022 (8MFY2022), ECA Integrated logged a PAT of RM4.58 million on a revenue of RM17.82 million — translating to a PAT margin of 25.7%.

Notably, for 8MFY2022, revenue contribution from the US surged to 42.7%, as compared to the 1% it recorded in FY2021.

ECA Integrated said the company intends to target a dividend payout ratio of 20% of its annual net profit to shareholders, after taking into account its results of operation, cash and bank balances, and working capital requirements.

Touching on its high PAT margin, ECA Integrated head of corporate strategy and communication Sean Phang explained that the company provides its customers with highly custom-built solutions, which are valued as they allow for increased production yield.

“Our automation manufacturing line is highly custom-built. Our customers are facing a lot of problems in terms of yield, so they want to increase their profit by having a very advanced manufacturing line [to improve their yield]. Our machines are highly customised, so our customers highly value us,” he said.

Additionally, Phang noted that the company enjoys tax exemption benefits from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, which also contributes towards its PAT margin.

However, Phang said that moving forward, the company’s margin may decline by “a few percent” as it gears towards more growth, but assured that it will remain elevated.

News seterusnya adalah pada 16 November 2022 yang bertajuk “ECA Integrated’s IPO oversubscribed by 110.17 times”. Mungkin ini salah satu sebab kenapa berlakunya lonjakkan harga pada hari pertama didagangkan.

Link news:: https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/eca-integrateds-ipo-oversubscribed-11017-times

Antara kaundungan news:

Automated manufacturing solution provider ECA Integrated Solution Bhd, en route to list on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on Nov 23, said its initial public offering (IPO) was oversubscribed by 110.17 times by the Malaysian public.

In a statement on Wednesday (Nov 16), ECA said a total of 19,139 applications for 3.21 billion new shares were received for the 28.88 million shares made available to the Malaysian public.

A total of 8,980 applications for 1.02 billion new shares were received under the Bumiputera category, representing an oversubscription rate of 69.64 times, while 10,159 applications for 2.19 billion new shares were received under the public category, representing an oversubscription rate of 150.69 times.

Under its listing exercise, ECA aims to raise RM25.5 million from its public issue of 150 million new shares at an issue price of 17 sen per share.

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Link news : https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/eca-integrated-debuts-ace-market-65-sen-premium-282 dan satu lagi link news yang berkaitan : https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/eca-integrated-debuts-ace-market-65-sen-premium-282

Antara isi kandungan news :

Automated manufacturing solution provider ECA Integrated Solution Bhd made a strong debut on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd at 65 sen ⁠— a 282.4% premium to its initial public offering (IPO) price of 17 sen.

ECA executive director and chief operating officer Chua Lye Hock said the listing marks a significant milestone in the company’s corporate history, and he was pleased with the strong opening price.

“I believe this is a reflection of investors’ confidence in our business and future prospects. In return, we will work hard to elevate our group to the next level of growth.

“We will expand our output and enhance our capability, as well as offer smart factory solutions,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (Nov 23).

Chua said offering smart factory solutions is a natural progression for the company, as it has already been providing smart manufacturing solutions since October 2020.

Ok, banyak yang boleh dipelajari dan diambil perhatian daripada news-news di atas. Dari segi teknikal pula, apa yang boleh kita lihat?

Daripada website malaysiastock.biz, pada 26 Nov 2022 Market Capital ECA adalah sebanyak RM447.56 juta dan number of share sebanyak 557.50 juta unit. Kaunter ringan. Patut laju dia kayuh. Ok, untuk kajian analisis chart, oleh sebab kaunter IPO baru lahir, maka kita kena lihat pada chart di time frame yang lebih kecil. Jadi, kami gunakan Time Frame 30 mnt.

Chart diatas merujuk kepada time frame (TF) 30 minit beserta aras-aras support dan resistance untuk kaunter ECA. Kemana halatujunya, kami akan update chart ECA dimasa hadapan untuk melihat gerakan yang dibuat seterusnya. Sekadar kajian dan pembelajaran semata-mata. Semoga penulisan dan perkongsian ini bermanfaat. Jemput kongsikan kepada rakan-rakan trader yang lain.

Chart daily ECA pada 25 May 2023. Mencapai aras tertinggi RM 1.13 pada 6 March 2023 dan aras terendah RM 0.650 pada hari pertama dilahirkan. Selepas mencapai aras tertinggi, kaunter ini terus membuat penurunan sehingga pada 25 May 2023, dapat dikesan SETUP gerakan reversal. KLIK SINI untuk belajar tentang Setup Ichivergence. Apa gerakan seterusnya?

Chart di atas adalah chart daily ECA selepas pasaran ditutup pada 28 Julai 2023. Memang terbaik setup gerakan reversal pada 25 May 2023 dan juga garisan – garisan SnR pada chart ngam – ngam disentuh. Apakah gerakan yang seterusnya. Kami akan update semula chart kaunter ECA di masa akan datang.

(DISCLAIMER / PENAFIAN : Penulisan diatas adalah sekadar kajian dan pembelajaran semata – mata. HARAP MAKLUM)

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